• Nutzy is Nigeria’s first locally produced peanut butter. Using only local ingredients, it is very much in line with the Federal Government’s push towards the Made-in-Nigeria products.
  • Nutzy is produced in a fully automated Lagos-based food factory using only the best quality of groundnuts available across the country that are carefully selected by our team.
  • Not only is our taste and quality superior to our imported counterparts but so is our price. Coming in at around half the price of all other peanut butter available in the country, Nutzy is affordable to a much larger percentage of the Nigerian population.
  • Our manufacturing facility is NAFDAC, SON and ISO 22000:2018 accredited. Moreover, we are covered under ETLS Scheme (ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme) which allows West African Countries to import our products duty-free.
  • Our brand – Nutzy is available in both jars (510gm & 227gm) and single-serve 15gm sachets. We have 4 flavours (Creamy, Crunchy, Chocolate and Honey). We are also accepting requests from clients for PRIVATE LABELLING BUSINESS.

We have locally produced peanut butter for the following reasons:

  • To mitigate the stress of importation each time customers need peanut butter.
  • To make the product available and affordable to all Nigerians and other countries at very affordable prices.
  • To also add to the strength of our economy by reducing the rate at which we import products in Nigeria.